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Different Types of Dildoes

Different Types of Dildoes

The dildo may be  by far the most commonly used sex toy all around the world. Go to any sex toy shop and the first toy that they will show you is the dildo. Any online sex toy shop will first badger you with their rather wild range of dildos. The dildo is such a common sex toy because how to use a dildo is pretty practical and logical – recognize common orifice – insert. With people becoming more sexually adventurous and open as compared to a few decades ago, the dildo is be used as both woman’s sex toy as well as male sex toys.  Dildoes are available in various sizes when it comes to length and width, and it is one of the cheap sex toys that anyone and everyone can use. Dildoes can basically be differentiated by the various materials used, and the ways they are used. Here are the three kinds of dildoes depending on their use:

Dildoes: This is the most basic form of the dildo, with a single, penis like device that is used to penetrate the sexual organ, massage it and get sexual relief. Some dildoes that are used as gay sex toys or even couple sex toys are smaller in length as well as width.

Strap Ons: Strap ons are a an extended type of dildo, and are basically categorized as couples sex toys. The strapon dildo has a belt that can be attached to the waist of the person, so that they can penetrate the sexual partner with the dildo. This can be used as a couples sex toy as well as a lesbian sex toy.

Dongs: Dongs are longer than the average dildo and have dual use – they can penetrate the anal as well as the vaginal orifice together. These sexual toys are flexible enough to penetrate both orifices together.

This is the differentiation of the dildoes in respect of penetration. There are several materials used for the creation of dildoes. For example, it can be made of stainless steel, plastic, latex, or even ceramic dildoes.

Dildos and Dongs: Whats the Difference?

There are several types and kinds of sex toys and one should know the different uses of each before they buy and use one.  One type of sex toy that is very commonly used is the dildo.  The dildo is so widely used because it is quite simple to use and straightforward.  However, recently there is a newer version of the dildo that is doing the rounds in the sex toys market – the dong. Here is some information about the dong.

The dong is quite similar to the dildo, with the only difference being that it does not have the scrotum shaped object at the end. Basically, it is would be be shaped like a pipe.  Also, the dong will have two usable ends. Which means, both of the ends will be shaped like the end of a penis.

The  dong is  pretty useful for bisexual and lesbian couples, as both the ends of the dong can be used for penetration. Also, some flexible dongs can be used to penetrate both the orifices of the woman.

There are various types of dildos available in the market, and these dildos are available in all shapes and sizes. Some special dildos are shaped in such a way that the narrow end can be used to penetrate the ass, while the larger end can be used to penetrate the vagina.

If one is using the dong dildo for lesbian or bisexual sex, remember that you would have to be more careful about the hygiene aspect of  the sexual intercourse. While you can have dildos are personal sex toys, having a single person user dong basically defeats the purpose of using the dildo. Dongs are also known as double dildos.  Dongs are mainly made of vinyl rubber and other materials. While buying a double dildo, or any sex toy, you should  make sure that it is of a good quality and that you are okay with the texture and material used to make the dildo. Some people may have an allergy to certain types of materials.  Also, try to ensure that the quality of the sex toy is good enough, as this is a device that will have intimate contact with your genitals and sexual organs.