Fursuits and fursonas

Fetishes come in all shapes and forms. Some people have erotic tendencies, others enjoy more heavy-handed BDSM themes, and then there are the people who fetishize people wearing fursuits. While it’s not hard to imagine people being able to make a fetish out of anything, fursuits are specific in that they represent an anthropomorphic original character which has many animalistic features, like tails. Because these fursuits and “fursonas” sometimes boost the wearer’s confidence, it’s easy to see how they could develop a fetish in the fursuit wearing community. In this article, we’ll explore the definition of fursuits, their history, as well as the appearance of adult fursuits as a fetish.

Fursuits represent an anthropomorphic original character which has many animalistic features, like tails.

Definition of “fursuit”

Fursuits are original character costumes made and worn by people who call themselves “furries”. The costumes are custom-made, and they are supposed to represent the original character that the person wearing it has made up (also known as a fursona). Although most people associate all furries with fursuits, most don’t have a custom suit that they enjoy wearing, and instead they usually satisfy their needs through an online fursona and digital artwork. That being said, there are furries out there who don’t feel like a digital representation is good enough, so they turn to creating their own custom fursuit.

So all fursuit wearers (AKA fursuiters) are furries, but not all furries are fursuiters. The main aspects of a fursuit character is that it needs to be anthropomorphic and it needs to represent an original character. While most fursuiters have only one costume, some dedicated members of the fandom might have dozens of suits that represent different characters that they have created. The costume itself first originates as digital artwork and that same artwork is then used as a reference sheet when creating the fursuit itself in the production process.

History of fursuits

The first concept of a fursuit, although the term wasn’t created at the time, can be seen all the way back in the year 1947. It could be seen that Edwin Corle’s “Three Ways to Mecca” included a fursuit in the plot of the story in the form of a dog costume. That being said, furries did not emerge as a fandom until the 1970s. That’s when the fandom started to appear in underground comix movement. At this point, the entire fandom was based around art, and it wouldn’t be until 1986 that furries started to meet up at conventions. First at BayCon and Westercon science fiction conventions, and then as their own organized event in the year 1989 known as ConFurence.

It was at the conference in 1989 that the first official fursuits could be spotted, but they still wouldn’t become widely known and popular until the rise of the internet in the 1990s. In the beginning, fursuits were made by amateurs who crafted them using guides that they would share with each other throughout the community. However, in the middle of the first decade of the 21st century, they became so popular that businesses started to pop-up that would create, and even design fursuits for clients.

After that burst of popularity, the business started turning millions of dollars every year from fursuit sales, but it should also be said that sporting organizations also started to commission these businesses for the creation of original mascot characters that would be created in the style of a fursona, rather than the classic mascot look and feel that most sports fans are used to. Needless to say, the community is growing to this day, and even though only 15%-20% of furries actually own a fursuit, the number of people willing to delve into the hobby is increasing at a rapid rate.

Adult fursuits as a fetish

Although there is a general thought in society that all furries are into the fandom for sexual reasons. This is not the case. In actuality, you can look at the fandom like a spectrum. It goes from completely innocent to hardcore fursuit sex. However, while the extremes on both sides exist to some degree, most of the people who are part of the furry fandom, and more specifically fursuiters, fall somewhere down the middle of the spectrum. Most of the people who own fursuits also love anthropomorphic porn art and pleasure themselves to it.

In reality, fursuit sex is a lot harder to pull off than it seems. While it’s easy to enjoy the art and to be sexually attracted to people in fursuits, actually having sex in the costumes is really difficult for a multitude of reasons. For example, one of the reasons is that most fursuits just aren’t made to accommodate sexual intercourse. It’s impossible to have sex in these costumes because there is no adequate hole that you can use on the side of both parties. Another difficulty arises from the fact that fursuits can get really hot while you wear them, so it can be tricky to have sex in them because of that.

Finally, on a more basic note, most people who do own a fursuit don’t want to stain it with bodily fluids because the costume costs a lot of money. So people who do engage in fursuit sex actually create custom suits that are a lot easier to wear, don’t heat up the body as much, have the appropriate holes and features, and aren’t that expensive in the first place.

Adult fursuit fetishes are quite common with most people who are in the furry fandom, that’s hard to deny. You can see a lot of flirting between two fursonas as they talk with each other. It’s obvious that some sort of sexual tension and sexual fetishizing is present. However, actually having sex while wearing the suits can prove like too big of a task for most owners of these suits, so most only like to fetishize each other from afar. On the other hand, furry porn is a lot more popular with these people more so than fursuit sex, since it’s simpler.

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Do you already know what stigmatophilia is?

The love of tattoos and piercings can reach other levels.

It is more and more common to see people with tattoos and piercings, whether they are young or adults. Now, how far can this worship and attraction to this “art” or “lifestyle” go? There are those who feel sexual attraction to these people, and this is when we are in the presence of stigmatophilia.

Stigmatized people not only like tattoos and piercings of a person of the other sex because they look cool or sexy, but they feel sexual excitement towards these marks on their skin. Of course, there is no reason to consider this type of paraphilia as a harmful or deviant tendency, since it does not imply any disorder for the person who feels it, much less for the person who is the object of such desire.

Now, why can piercings and tattoos be the target of desire? Well, some specialists start from an anthropological explanation, since both are ancestral practices. In some centuries-old civilizations, tribal paintings and piercings were linked to the concept of beauty, while in men they were a symbol of virility and courage.

Situating ourselves in our times, it must be said that both tattoos and piercings not only decorate the body, but also say much about the people who possess it. In fact, many times they can transmit from principles and promises of fidelity (tattoos of the couple’s name, for example), to indelible memories -literally- of events that marked their lives.

Plushophilia, love for cuddly toys

Plushophilia, love for cuddly toys

The human being continues to move forward, in constant evolution and development, especially in the world of sex, creating an endlessly universe that seems to have no end and from which every now and then new things appear, in particular paraphilias. There are many that are very rare, and others that could be tender, adorable. Today we are talking about the plushofilia, the excitement for teddy bears or people disguised as animals.

What child hasn’t had his or her bed filled with teddy bears? Those teddy bears that were hugged to avoid the terrible nightmares, those that as children were told some of our secrets. They were childhood friends who were hugged for warmth. This has not changed, but now instead of arms, they are being wrapped with your legs, also looking for warmth, while producing genital humidity of course.

Plushophilia can be done in two ways: First, by rubbing the genital parts against a cuddly toy basically having plush sex (Yes, you can find plushies with holes or male members online). Second, with people disguised as rabbits, horses, cats, tigers, birds (why not?), dogs, and countless other animals, with those huge padded heads and huge eyes, as if they were Japanese drawings. Of course, someone thinks of a man or a woman disguised as a dog and the joke comes to mind. Their favorite pose? I say ‘the doggie’. And the truth is that something has to do with it. Each owner of the costume, or in this case the fur, must be ‘committed’ to play the role of the animal in question. So, you know, go for it tiger! As long as you’re looking for a beast in bed.

This fetish, is not as new as it may seem, and its beginnings seem to take place, where else, in the United States, where through forums, dates are arranged to satisfy the sexual desires of people with plushies, as it was seen in an episode of the famous series CSI: Las Vegas, so if you are a follower of fiction, you will know the affiliation. It was also seen in The Entourage, where one of the main characters was called to be the teddy bear of a stunning blonde.

Returning to the history of this sexual exercise, furries (the name given to those who practice this fetish) began with it in the 1970s, and their popularity has been growing thanks to the photos that can be seen on the Internet. In fact, according to data in 2004, in one of these conventions, 8,000 people came, all disguised as the animal they identify with the most, 25% more than in 2003. In spite of their American origin, furries have been passing borders, arriving to Europe, although in the old continent they don’t have as much repercussion as in North America.

Often, people who enjoy plush sex are collectors of stuffed toys and can accumulate several specimens of all shapes and sizes.

The texture of stuffed animals and animal costumes is pleasant to the touch for many people, which could explain this attraction. But the combination of the sweetness they convey and the sexual morbidity could also be behind this interest.

Regarding the origin of this type of paraphilia, psychologist Martin Seligman states that most paraphilias and fetishes arise in childhood due to a classic conditioning, as a result of a moment of excitement or pleasure achieved through a certain object or associated with it, which makes the fetish object to be held.

However, for it to become a phylia or fetishism it is necessary that the pleasure linked to the object be produced more than once, since, except in the aversive-gustatory conditioning, more than one exposure is required to associate two stimuli.

Does plushophilia affect sexual relations with other people?
No. This phylia is totally harmless and is one of the sweetest and whitest of all. Although there have been controversial cases – a twenty-eight year old American boy was arrested on up to four occasions for having sex in public with a teddy bear – in principle, people who practice it do not have an aversion to sexual relations with people. In fact, plushophilia is also conceived as a type of erotic play with a partner, using animal costumes or stuffed animals during the act for greater excitement.