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Different Types of Dildoes

Different Types of Dildoes

The dildo may be  by far the most commonly used sex toy all around the world. Go to any sex toy shop and the first toy that they will show you is the dildo. Any online sex toy shop will first badger you with their rather wild range of dildos. The dildo is such a common sex toy because how to use a dildo is pretty practical and logical – recognize common orifice – insert. With people becoming more sexually adventurous and open as compared to a few decades ago, the dildo is be used as both woman’s sex toy as well as male sex toys.  Dildoes are available in various sizes when it comes to length and width, and it is one of the cheap sex toys that anyone and everyone can use. Dildoes can basically be differentiated by the various materials used, and the ways they are used. Here are the three kinds of dildoes depending on their use:

Dildoes: This is the most basic form of the dildo, with a single, penis like device that is used to penetrate the sexual organ, massage it and get sexual relief. Some dildoes that are used as gay sex toys or even couple sex toys are smaller in length as well as width.

Strap Ons: Strap ons are a an extended type of dildo, and are basically categorized as couples sex toys. The strapon dildo has a belt that can be attached to the waist of the person, so that they can penetrate the sexual partner with the dildo. This can be used as a couples sex toy as well as a lesbian sex toy.

Dongs: Dongs are longer than the average dildo and have dual use – they can penetrate the anal as well as the vaginal orifice together. These sexual toys are flexible enough to penetrate both orifices together.

This is the differentiation of the dildoes in respect of penetration. There are several materials used for the creation of dildoes. For example, it can be made of stainless steel, plastic, latex, or even ceramic dildoes.

Dildos and Dongs: Whats the Difference?

There are several types and kinds of sex toys and one should know the different uses of each before they buy and use one.  One type of sex toy that is very commonly used is the dildo.  The dildo is so widely used because it is quite simple to use and straightforward.  However, recently there is a newer version of the dildo that is doing the rounds in the sex toys market – the dong. Here is some information about the dong.

The dong is quite similar to the dildo, with the only difference being that it does not have the scrotum shaped object at the end. Basically, it is would be be shaped like a pipe.  Also, the dong will have two usable ends. Which means, both of the ends will be shaped like the end of a penis.

The  dong is  pretty useful for bisexual and lesbian couples, as both the ends of the dong can be used for penetration. Also, some flexible dongs can be used to penetrate both the orifices of the woman.

There are various types of dildos available in the market, and these dildos are available in all shapes and sizes. Some special dildos are shaped in such a way that the narrow end can be used to penetrate the ass, while the larger end can be used to penetrate the vagina.

If one is using the dong dildo for lesbian or bisexual sex, remember that you would have to be more careful about the hygiene aspect of  the sexual intercourse. While you can have dildos are personal sex toys, having a single person user dong basically defeats the purpose of using the dildo. Dongs are also known as double dildos.  Dongs are mainly made of vinyl rubber and other materials. While buying a double dildo, or any sex toy, you should  make sure that it is of a good quality and that you are okay with the texture and material used to make the dildo. Some people may have an allergy to certain types of materials.  Also, try to ensure that the quality of the sex toy is good enough, as this is a device that will have intimate contact with your genitals and sexual organs.

How to Choose the Best Leather for Your Fetish Night Out

How to Choose the Best Leather for Your Fetish Night Out

Leather is the leader when it comes to fetish wear. Though latex has become quite important and famous in the current scenario, the oldies still swear by leather. If you are looking for some leather attire for your night out, here are some tips that you should keep in mind:

Always Buy Leather at least a month prior: If you are going to a event, plan it in such a way that the leather is bought at least six months prior to the event. New leather will look quite gaudy, as leather actually gets it sheen and attitude after around a two or three months of wearing.

Is it too tight?: Leather is a known hot  and stuffy attire, so you should be careful about whether it is too tight. Remember that your body needs to breathe, and a stiff and tight leather attire might just make you feel very uncomfortable. Some people are also known to faint because they did not get the right kind of hydration, so you should be careful about the size and style of the leather that you are buying.

Always buy Dark Color: The old schoolers would like to believe that leather is available in only two colors, black and a light black – which is basically brown. However, with the advancement of fashion today, there are several colors of leather. You can choose amongst blue, red, brown, etc. But the truth still stands that black and brown leather are two of the best colors that one can have for leather.

So, whenever you are going to buy leather, check out the darker shades. These are the three important tips that you should keep in mind while buying leather. There are several shops and online websites that deal with specialized kink attire and accessories. Make sure that you vist them before you buy anything.

Spice Up Your Sex Life With Anal Toys

Spice Up Your Sex Life With Anal Toys

To spice up your sex life, you can get anal toys that will be used to stimulate the process. There are various types that are found in the market where you can choose the one that will give you extreme pleasure. You can also be adventurous and try out different toys until you find the one that works out well for you. Shopping for the toys with your partner can be fun as you can be able to make an important decision on the best ones to get to have a great sex life.

You don’t have to start big as there are some anal toys for beginners that are available to help you become more comfortable with them before you can go all out. If you don’t know how to use them, there are many demos that you can find online to help you know the right procedure of using them to derive maximum pleasure from them without hurting yourself. You will also need to get the right lube to be able to use them without any problem. Make sure you get the right kind to heighten the tingling of the nerve endings as well as make it more pleasurable.

Some of the anal toys that you can get include vibrators, plug in, beads and strap on among others. Ensure you get the ones that have been made from the best material like silicon to increase your chances of getting unforgettable orgasms. These can be used when you are alone or when you are with your partner depending on what turns you on. They are also available in different sizes where individuals have the liberty of choosing the one that will give them the time of their lives. There are usually new ones that are brought into the market and thus you need to be on the look out to see whether you will find something you like.

Two tips to keep in mind while performing Anal Sex

Anal Sex has recently come to the fore as an alternate sexual interaction. With more and more people looking for ways to enhance their sexual lives, anal sex is becoming quite passe. However, there are some tips that should be kept in mind while indulging in anal sex. Here are the top three tips that one should keep in mind while indulging in anal sex:

Genital Hygiene: Genital Hygiene is of the top most priority, whether it is anal sex or vaginal sex. Without the right type and right amount of genital hygiene, it would become difficult for a person to live, let alone indulge in sexual intercourse. Because of the other function of the anal cavity, it becomes very important that one should ensure the anal cavity hygiene before penetration. A light enema is one of the few suggestions that one might give to people who are planning to indulge in anal sex. The genital hygiene is not just a suggestion for the penetratee, but to the perpetrator  too. If the penis is not properly washed and hygienic, there are many chances that the sexual couple may expose themselves to several sexual diseases and illnesses.

Anal Sex: The anal cavity is quite different from the vaginal cavity. The penetration should be carefully carried out, and one needs to be quite softer during anal sex as compared to vaginal sex. There are many chances that the anal orifice is just not loose enough for sexual intercourse. In such a situation,one can use any of the anal extenders and anal toys to extend the anal orifice, so that penetration is possible.

There is quite a lot of information about anal sex available on the Internet. Make sure that you read up on it before you indulge in anal sex.

About the G-spot

Finger her G-spot : Immense Pleasure the Right Way

Finger her G-spot : Immense Pleasure the Right Way

Grafenberd spot or G-spot is said to be the most sensitive area in a woman and to every extent, it’s true. Nevertheless, this Granfenberd spot is a mystery story for those people who are unable to locate it. It surely gives immense pleasure to a woman if fingered the correct way. This delighting experience would make your lady kneel and ask for more from you. So let’s just find out how do it the right way.

The first and foremost thing to consider is the comfort level of your lady. Only if she is comfortable with it, should you give it a shot. However, if she is not ready for it, then try to detect why. If it’s not any medical implication, this discomfort is due to the lack of trust. Apart from this, if you have never done it before, then right time is here and now. If both of the partners understand each other, then this first time experience can turn into a lovely experience for both of you.

Spending a good time together is a result of understanding your partner and your partner’s needs. Grooming your body properly is the right way to begin. Make sure that you are well groomed before you’d go and taste a slice of joy. Trim your nails to ensure that you don’t hurt her with them, wash your hands properly in order to clean your hands before you’d stimulate her. Hygiene should be taken care of, else she will end up having infection or burning sensations down there.

Foreplay plays a major role in making her respond well to you. An extended time devoted to the foreplay would increase the pleasure. Nibble her breasts, touch her, kiss her, lick her neck, nipples, shoulder, ears, lips etc. When sexual tension will increase in her body, she will promptly respond to your touch on the G-spot.

Oral sex is also a great way to start. It helps bring stimulation to the G-spot. Make her wet and ensure that she is lubricated enough that it won’t hurt her when you enter your fingers inside her. Slide your firm fingers inside her but if her opening is tight then avoid putting more than one finger as she it could give her pain. You should never forget to keep her interest in mind.

After your fingers are inside her, move them slowly and locate a slightly swelled area. (the G-spot will tend to swell if she is pretty aroused and excited) On locating it successfully, you can slowly start to flick it, press it, stroke it, and circle it repeatedly.  The best option is to keep switching the moves as this provides variations in the stimulation process and you would be able to find the right move for her. If she starts moaning then understand that she wants it more. Keep the pace of your fingers varying with the time and make sure that you don’t hurt her.

One factor related to this is that she will ejaculate to this and for this she may even feel uncomfortable. So, in such a situation if she wants to go to the washroom then let her go as usually the sensation caused in the process leaves with a feeling similar to that of pee. Allow her to go and tell her that you will be waiting for her to give her some more.

If she had enjoyed it, she will go for another round.

Your guide to know what is a G Spot Vibrator

All those who are using this may know what it is. For those who have no idea about it or have come across this term recently, this is a sex toy that is used to massage G-spot in females. The G-spot is a highly sensitive place inside the vagina. Vibrators are designed to deliver the ultimate pleasure that leads you to climax. If women are considered, then they are different in many ways. The level of sensation, sexual excitement as well as orgasm will be different in every woman. The vibrators are so designed keeping these factors in mind while designing them.

Because of this reason, the vibrators are available in many sizes and shapes. Other things that are focused upon include vibration mode and speed, color, water proof battery, smoother feel etc. Since they are designed such that they rub and touch upper vaginal lining, therefore, they stimulate orgasm. So, they can be a part of your act of foreplay or can be used when you are alone.

The desire of sexual fulfillment was basis of this product and the best part is that it is an affordable product. They are very hygienic as they are made from silicon, but not limited to it. They are also manufactured using hard-plastic, jelly, rubber or a blend of these such that it gets quite smooth in feel. Due to this, G Spot vibrator is also compatible with lubricants that are water based. There are also multiple modes of vibration in it to impart the pleasure you seek. Some have silk-satin finish while others have velvet like finish that is responsible for high excitement.

The product is liked a lot by the users and the ratings for G Spot vibrator states promising experience. Because of its success, now vibrators are available with clitoris stimulators too. They add to the sexual pleasure and climax. Let us see the different types of vibrators available in market nowadays.

  • Rabbit Vibrator: This one comes with a clitoris stimulator that has shape of bunny ears and a shaft containing rotating beads.
  • Ribbed/Waved Vibrator: One would find numerous textures and shaft shapes in this one like bumps, ribs, nubs, spikes, beads etc. These lead to advanced stimulation.
  • Others include Vibrators with anal teaser or interchangeable heads and even exotic vibrators that are specially shaped (like a hand) to give you a natural feel and at the same time access to various regions that are otherwise beyond reach.

So, if you have never had a vibrator, you can now get one for yourself and make it a part of your foreplay session or simply fulfill your desires and needs when your partner is not near you. Surely, you will love it.

Public sex

What is public sex?

Having sex in public is a very common fantasy and all over the world couples are discretely committing sexual acts in public places. Public sex consists of intercourse or any other sex acts performed in places where others could potentially see the participants. The thrill of taking leave of your senses and gratifying yourself in a spontaneous act of love seems to be happening more and more often now because both men and women often find it a turn-on to think that someone might find them in a “compromising position”.

Sex in public

Why do people want to have public sex?

A couple’s lust for one another might simply be too overpowering to wait and they must have one another at that exact moment. Some couples find the heightened adrenaline rush associated with the possibility of being caught greatly increases their arousal and thus they purposely and habitually seek out semi-public places to commit their naughty deed, because a little bit of fear or nervousness can make the scenario of sex outside of the home very exciting and stimulating. Others perhaps engage in sex in public places such as an airplane washroom purely for bragging rights to the infamous “mile high club”. Whether the motives for making love in public are lack of private space, urgency, sexual variety, or down right naughtiness, people will continue to do it…so here are a few tips.

Is there anything wrong with public sex?

Couples engaging in sexual acts in public should be aware that most states and provinces have laws against indecent exposure and it is certain that any fantasy will be dampened if there is a serious danger of getting arrested by the police. So if you engage in public sex do so in situations where the chances of actually being caught and/or offending anyone are very low. As well, make sure that if you are in the sight of other people, that they aren’t minors.

What are some exciting places for public sex?

  • Apartment Roof Top
  • Balconies
  • Beaches
  • Building Elevator
  • Dressing Rooms
  • Hiking Trails
  • Hot Tubs
  • Library
  • Lover’s Lanes
  • Parked Cars
  • Patios
  • Pools
  • Public Washrooms

How to know if your partner is ready?

Men are certainly known for their sexual enthusiasm; the promise of thrilling sexual gratification will make most men willing to commit this act despite the consequences. A sexually confident and liberated woman may also be eager to experiment, but the fact of the matter is that public sex is not for everyone, so don’t pressure your partner.

If you are unsure about your partner’s feelings about engaging in public sex, there are several approaches you can take. The first is the PDA test (Public Displays of Affection); your partner’s willingness to participate in public acts like holding hands, kissing, or full fledged making out are often the best indications of whether or not your partner wants to play outside. A second approach to measure her promiscuity is to bring it up directly. Whether it be brought up as a direct question, or undercover through a “what are your fantasies chat”, this approach is never a bad one, as communication is the key to every successful relationship. A third approach would be to go to a nice little spot and just go for it. To succeed with this approach, you are best off taking your partner to a location that is outdoors, but as secluded as the privacy of your own home. For example, take your lover on a hiking trip. Have everything you could need in your back pack, and find a nice little place to take a “rest”. Start things nice and slow, especially if you are unsure about whether you partner likes the idea.

For those couples who are naturally adventurous simply putting the moves on your intimate other in a semi-public place might be all the work that’s required of you, and hey you’ll never know unless you try… If you are in a healthy and sexually adventurous relationship, and are sure you’re partner would be up for the challenge; simply go for it. Make yourself as sexually attractive to your partner as possible; flirt, tease and make them want it as much as you do with prolonged foreplay. Do the things that you know turns them on and make them feel as though you must have them then and there, so it seems completely spontaneous. However don’t forget to have protection with you, and almost as importantly, don’t leave the used protection behind!

Final Words of Caution

As fun and exciting as public sex can be, it is not all fun and games. You must be completely responsible about making sure kids aren’t watching as there is no excuse for this! As you dive deeper into this world, remember that the riskier you get, the higher the likelihood of being arrested or fined, or worse yet, having your moment captured for all to see on the net… Exercise caution, play safe, and enjoy!

Sexy Balloon Fetish

Have you ever heard about people getting off on balloons? I know that some people are really turned on by latex, but this is a fetish that I hadn’t heard about until very recently when a friend sent me a link to hot balloon babes. Cute amateur girls getting hot and bothered while inflating and playing with balloons. Some of them like to rub their pussies on the tight latex and some just like to bounce their hot asses up and down on the balloons. I don’t know about you guys but they kinda make me think about huge soft tits!

Sexy Balloon Fetish

There are those that get a high, sexual high out of Balloon Sex. Those of us that don’t know of or about this fetish might not understand it, but “looners” what they call themselves know all about it and the love of balloon sex.

There are so many people into balloons and they love sharing their fetish with anyone who wants to know about it. I guess the thought of some tight soft balloons rubbing against your body could be a turn on! Thinking about it even more, imagine some oil rubbed on that balloon and then over your body, hmmm they might actually be onto something!

It’s everything from the smell, feel, taste and vision of the balloon that can turn you on. The feel of the balloons rubbing up against their skin, watching someone blow it up, blowing it up themselves. Some looners even love blowing up the balloons themselves, the taste and sensation of blowing it up is a big turn on. Some like big balloons while others, smaller, no matter what it is about them that is the turnon, they really enjoy their fetish.

Have you ever thought of balloons in a sexual way? Well neither have I but there are a ton of people out there that get turned on by balloons! I know it’s hard to believe but it’s true, they love the feel, smell, taste and even watching other blow balloons up.

Shaving Your Pubic Hair

Although not everybody shaves entirely, shaving and trimming the pubic hair is becoming more of a practice.

It’s perfect for oral sex. It can make your genitals look bigger and more desirable. We suggest beginning by trimming the first few times, then moving on to shaving part or all of your pubic region, if you are new to the idea. If you have a partner, you may want to consider shaving each other if you discover it is monotonous to do it yourself.

Shaving Your Pubic Hair

A Couple Warnings:

  1.  Some people are allergic to some shaving creams and can have painful reactions. Using a small test area to see if your body reacts to the products, you can minimize the risk of bad reactions.
  2. Letting hair grow out after shaving your pubic area can be very awkward. The sharp hairs combined with the sensitive skin will make you realize just how much movement happens in that area on an average day. Itching and a little chaffing are nearly unavoidable.


  1. If you have long pubic hair, trim with clippers or scissors before using a razor for the close shave.
  2. Take a hot bath beforehand, it opens your pores and allows you to get a closer shave.
  3. Before applying shaving cream, rinse the area with cool water.
  4. Apply shaving cream a few minutes before shaving to soften hairs. Consider using a shaving cream with additional moisturizer or aloe.
  5. Be sure to use a new blade, the more times you go over an area the more likely you are to irritate it.
  6. When shaving, stroke an area no more than twice to reduce skin irritation. On the first stroke, go “with the grain” to remove most of the hair, then go “against the grain” for a smooth, close shave. If “going against” tends to irritate you, then skip that and use both strokes “with the grain.”
  7. Be sure to clean the area afterwards with soap and water to reduce the risk of infection, especially if you cut yourself.
  8. Some people find a daily application of baby powder or talcum powder especially helpful after shaving to keep the area dry and irritation-free.

Once you get more comfortable shaving, have some fun and experiment with different shapes. A couple fun shapes to get you started are the racing strip, a heart, a star, and an exclamation mark. Happy Shaving.

What is Gonzo Porn

Not sure What Gonzo Porn is, here is the definition according to the Urban Dictionary:

When it comes to pornography the term ‘Gonzo’ refers to a style of film making pioneered in the 1990s by directors such as Seymore Butts and Ben Dover.

Gonzo Porn took the storyline out of adult movies and headed straight for the sex. No longer would the pornoholic have to fast forward through 10 minutes of inept dialog to get 5 minutes of sex. They got sex throughout the whole video.

Gonzo porn was not always shot in the first person or in point-of-view fashion as some have suggested here and the quality of the movie depended largely on who was producing it.

What is Gonzo Porn

Half the adult videos you can rent fall into the Gonzo genre.

We know what it’s like trying to find the sex in all the BS and so we are glad that there is more and more Gonzo Porn out there for those of us who really enjoy the sex more than the stupid story lines that usually don’t make much sense anyway.

We know that when the pool man, cable man or any other man for that matter shows up there is going to be a woman who seduces him, and like he is going to say no! Just get to the sex already and forget about the story, we know it’s going to happen eventually anyway!

Actually about the only stories that are worth watching are usually watched by women and are made by women, they are the romance novels of the porn industry and women enjoy the man seducing the woman are are happy to wait for the sex, women are more about the story than the sex and that’s what gets them going.

But, for us men, and maybe some women who just want to see the fucking, there is Gonzo Porn, and we just love it!

Corset Fetish on the rise

Corset Fetish on the rise
yarrow may 25, 2008

It’s amazing how many more women are starting to wear corsets as an everyday undergarment and they are loving it! The love the way it makes them feel, sexy, very feminine and of course it thins the waist line and helps with their self esteem and body image.

Some people like the feel of wear a corset others like the look of it and some like both. Whichever you are it’s ok! Corset fetish isn’t as way out there as you may think. There are hundreds of people who wear them daily and others just wear them when they go out clubing. What they like about them is usually the tight feeling they get and of course the way they make their waists smaller and give their bodies more shape.

What alot of people don’t know is that after awhile a wearing a corset day after day, your waist actually does begin to take that shape, you usually end up losing weight because you can’t eat as much because of the tightness on your stomach and your breathing is shallower.

Corsets are awsome in my opinion and they look great on the women who dare to wear them, but just be careful your not lacing them too tight. You just never know who you might be getting to unlace it!

360 VR gallery

Now you can experience our galleries in a completely new way. We bring to you our 360 virtual gallery, where you can see beautiful pictures all around you using only your mobile phone.

A picture is worth a thousand words” so here you can see a preview of the virtual environment where you will be surrounded by wonderful images…

Adult 360 VR gallery
Adult 360 VR gallery

Enough talking, just have a look at the virtual galleries yourself, you can just pick one from the list below, sit back, relax and enjoy these amazing galleries.

NSFW 360 VR galleries

If you want to go the extra mile and experience our NSFW 360 virtual galleries with full immersion, then you just need to get a virtual cardboard for your phone, so that you can wear it as a headset. And trust me when I say that this is gonna blow your mind !

NSFW 360 VR gallery
NSFW 360 VR gallery

Our galleries are being updated constantly, so make sure you come back every day to see what’s new. You don’t want to miss any of our treasures.

Do you have any suggestions for our NSFW 360 VR gallery? Is there any adult content you would like to see in Virtual Reality? Let us know, and we’ll try to make it a reality.