Corset Fetish on the rise

Corset Fetish on the rise
yarrow may 25, 2008

It’s amazing how many more women are starting to wear corsets as an everyday undergarment and they are loving it! The love the way it makes them feel, sexy, very feminine and of course it thins the waist line and helps with their self esteem and body image.

Some people like the feel of wear a corset others like the look of it and some like both. Whichever you are it’s ok! Corset fetish isn’t as way out there as you may think. There are hundreds of people who wear them daily and others just wear them when they go out clubing. What they like about them is usually the tight feeling they get and of course the way they make their waists smaller and give their bodies more shape.

What alot of people don’t know is that after awhile a wearing a corset day after day, your waist actually does begin to take that shape, you usually end up losing weight because you can’t eat as much because of the tightness on your stomach and your breathing is shallower.

Corsets are awsome in my opinion and they look great on the women who dare to wear them, but just be careful your not lacing them too tight. You just never know who you might be getting to unlace it!