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    I really enjoyed the latest photo set from CYNTHIA SIN, a relatively new girl model. Cynthia really is the ‘girl next door’ who happens to be attending college and posing for some beautiful fetish photos on the side. She may be wearing cotton knee socks instead of nylon, but I’d still love for her to slip one knee sock off of her calf and foot and stuff it in my mouth.

    When I was in high school, I remember being on Ohio State’s campus during football season and seeing college girls in knee socks, penny loafers and argyle sweaters just like Cynthia’s. I would have followed those girls all the way down Olentangy River Road staring at their asses shaking in their mini skirts and their heels popping out of their shoes as they walked. Forget the panty raids in collge dorms; I would have ended up in the Dean’s office for raiding girls hampers for their worn knee socks.

    By the time that I made it to college, knee socks were out. I was stuck with girls in acid washed jeans and Birkenstocks. Thankfully, there was a healthy segment of girls who were still hanging onto the end of the hair band era of the 80’s, and they had a wardrobe full of skin tight mini skirts and dresses with plenty of spandex. And on Thursday through Saturday night when they went out, the girls were wearing tights. I still remember one upperclass girl who caused me to walk into a post in the middle of the sidewalk because of her grey tights and plaid skirt.

    If Cynthia had been on my college campus, I would have been following her around like a lost puppy dog. If nothing else, I would have probably provoked her to throw one of her shoes at me, but then at least I’d have something to take by to my room with me and sniff while I masturbated to thoughts of my face buried in her white cotton panties and smelly knee socks.

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