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    I had a girlfriend in college who loved to wear pantyhose, and I didn’t even need to encourage it. She kept her pantyhose in a lingerie bag in her dresser drawer, and she had the entire spectrum of colors.

    I bartended at the off campus bar, and she usually sat at the end of the bar when I worked. I used to love stealing glimpses of her legs when she was sitting on the barstool dangling her shoe from her stocking toes. She would pop her heel out of the shoe and dangle it from the tips of her toes while she sipped on daiquiris.

    I loved when she wore white pantyhose. She usually wore dark red polish on her toes, and the polish showed through her white pantyhose, even with reinforced toes. When we would go back to her apartment after I got off work, she would be sitting on the bed, still dangling her shoe. I’d come out of the shower in my towel and get down on my knees in front of her to start working my way up her body, starting at her toes.

    I must have been the first guy to have ever kissed her feet and legs like that, because the first time that I ever did it, her entire body was shaking. She really enjoyed it, and got to the point where she shove all of her stocking toes in my mouth and tell me to suck when I was down at her feet. She would direct me when she wanted me to start working my way up her pantyhosed legs.

    The best for me was when she would put me on my back and put her nylon covered pussy right on my mouth and tell me to lick her through her nylon. She liked to feel the warmth of my breath through the nylon. When she was ready to climb onto my cock, she’d peel off her pantyhose and gag me with them while she rode my cock to orgasm.

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